Bvlgari Sunglasses

Bulgari sunglasses campaignBvlgari Sunglasses are 100% authentic on EyeInform website. Bvlgari, also known as Bulgari, was started in early 20th century by Greek jewellery master Bvlgari, hence the letter "v". Bulgari with "u" is a simplified form of calling the brand.

Bulgari sungglasses will be one of the most expensive, elite and exclusive sunglasses in your collection. Known for jewellery quality, each pair of Bulgari sunglasses is hand crafted in Italy at the largest eyeglasses factory in the world. Bulgari sunglasses are made in close collaboration with Bulgari jewellery designers to match yearly collections of ear rings and necklaces. Most of Bulgari sunglasses have Swarowski crystals instead of real diamonds, making them more affordable and disposable as fashion changes.

Man Buglari sunglasses are very elite and of the highest quality imaginable. Classic designs are made for ultra rich or men who appreciate elite look and want to look 100% every day. Man Bulgari sunglasses have intricate details noticeable only when looking close up. Detailed packaging completes the high level of Bulgari sunwear.

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