Warranty is offered within one year of purchase on frames. Each case is reviewed on a case by case basis. Please contact us if you have a problem with your glasses. Warranty covers manufacturer defects such as coating peeling, structural defects, and design issues. Warranty does not cover frame/lenses breakage and scratches of any kind, normal wear, and tear, or problems caused by external chemicals and excessive heat.

Warranty requests must be made and processed within one year since the purchase date. Once the warranty is granted, you must ship defective glasses back to us before one year of original purchase date expires. You also must ship glasses back to us within a week after the warranty was granted. If you fail to ship glasses before this time the warranty will not be granted.

A warranty processing fee CAD 15 and standard shipping to your location.

Warranty applies to current glasses models only. If glasses are out of production (usually 2-3 years after original manufacturer date), the warranty will not apply.

Original year of manufacturing is indicated on each product page on our website.

There are few recommendations to considerably prolong use of your glasses:

1. When glasses are not worn, always put them inside the glasses case. Not only it protects from accidents, but also helps to minimize harmful heat and cold effects.

2. Do not use any chemicals such as hair spray, construction sprays, and others while having glasses on. This especially true to glasses prescription lenses that have thin coatings on the surface. Glasses coatings are especially sensitive to chemicals.

3. Only wash your glasses with glasses soap spray or with regular hand soap.

4. Do not leave your glasses exposed to the sun in the car. Hide them in the glove compartment in the glasses case instead. Plastic/acetate glasses are made from soft materials that are adjustable with heat. If glasses get hot, they may take undesired shape. Cold can crystallize acetate making it more prone to breakage. Metal glasses coatings may not withstand excessive heat and cold as well.

5. Keep your glasses away from children and pets. They tend to love breaking them.

6. Don't get too upset when glasses break and are not under warranty. Life happens, it's not the end of the world.