FYSH glasses advertsimentFYSH is widely advertised Canadian brand of eyeglasses. Over the years FYSH has established itself as dependable brand with excellent quality. FYSH glasses are most known for their unconventional designs with lots of color and rich temple design. FYSH eyeglasses will gather you the most compliments and will be a head turner at the office or shopping mall.

FYSH glasses frames have both woman and unisex designs and come in variety of sizes and styles. FYSH glasses are made to impress, but not to overdo the idea of true designer glasses. After you get first pair of FYSH glasses you will be checking this brand again when shopping for your next pair.

When buying FYSH glasses frames on EyeInform online glasses store you can also buy prescription lenses to complete you glasses purchase. You can buy just FYSH on EyeInform website without lenses. Order FYSH glasses today for fast shipping and easy returns.
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  • FYSH 3483

    Buy FYSH 3483 glasses online at a friendly price. Originally made in 2013, FYSH 3483 are lightweight frames. Each pair of authentic Fysh glasses ships worldwide with Fysh glasses case and a cleaning cloth.
    Model# FYSH 3483
    Our Price: CAD $218.39
    Retail Price: CAD $245.00
    You save CAD $26.61!